April 28, 2009

Madness? This is Machinae!!!!

Me and Rob sat down yesterday and had a little strategy talk about the upcoming album and re:Winland tour.
Lot's of interesting thoughts and great plans.
Rob tweaked my Logic and we did a great bass sound so now I have actually started to record some stuff. I feel an awesome album coming your way. =)

I got some inspiration also and ordered myself some new toys.
Phat bass cabinet for win and awesome!!
Also, imma play even louder on stage now so all of you banging your heads off in the front row are in for a treat.
I miss Winland.


April 20, 2009

Worst music video ever

really hope that our next music video bee like this!!

April 14, 2009

Machinae Supremacy, Dante's Highlight 12.04.2009

Soo fucking badass drum sound, me like Mika!

We SUCK big time....

i apologize for the lack of blogging, our internet sitiation sucked when we was on tour, so theres will be an "late" updater under this day.

We really love finland and all ppl that listen and come to our show. You gyus/girls turned this tour to a blast for us.

stay tune..

//Tomas - messed up in the head after 4 h sleep and now at work.

Machinae Supremacy - Stand (live)

Machinae Supremacy - Reanimator (March of the Undead III) (live)

Epic moment for all of us.....

Machinae Supremacy - "Need For Steve" (12.4.2009 Dante's Highlight, Helsinki, Finland)

Crasy show in helsinki, damn soo fun it was......

April 10, 2009

Machinae Supremacy - Dark City @ Pub Katse 9.4.09

MaSu sux at blogging =P

MaSu @ pupo katse on youtube

Try searching for Machinae Supremacy and sort by date added.
Obviously our trusted Army of Believers are much better then us at posting stuff.
We'll really try to get some nice pic's and post but our main problem hence far is that it's not really that phun to watch 5 guys sleeping in a bus. =P

Anyways, it has been a awesome first 2 days.
The venue today is a nice place so we are going to rock the fsking stage asunder!


April 08, 2009

On our way to Oulu

So, let's get things started with the blogging of the Winland tour '09.

We are on our way, but as usual not even close to be on time for the load-in.
Hopefully they will not hate us for it =P

Me and Jonne in one bus and the rest of the band in the Machinae tour bus.
Goddamnit, this is gonna rawk!!

We did some fine-tuning on some songs late last night and if we play the songs with as much energy live as we did in the "replokalen" we're gonna do a series of kickass gigs.
I don't think we've ever been this well prepared and if you come to one of the gigs you're gonna notice some minor changes in the way we perform. Nothing new really, but it's new to me anyways since I haven't been with MaSu to Finland before.

Stay tuned for moar win and awesome!
Imma play some Fallout 1 on teh lappy nao ;)


April 06, 2009

Finland tour

will get my tumb from my ass and update this blog from all out finlands tour... im bad very bad i know but there will be changes.....

2 days to go......

January 26, 2009

MaSu @ Spotify

You can find MaSu @ Spotify so please everyone that have an account, listen to us there, so we can buy little coffe to our "hangout".

January 18, 2009

Hemma från UppCon

So here goes my bloggin virginity..

After 22 hours in a tourbus it's pretty nice to be back home..
I'd like to say tho that I really enjoyed UppCon!
It was really nice to see that so many hXc cosplayers can gather in cold-ass Sweden and have a great time!
Thank you all who made the trip and gig worth the effort and especially all of you in the audience who gave me the energy I so need =)

Kalaspuff took some nice photos which you can find here: http://www.konventsbilder.se/folder/view/313

UpCon pwns!

Hope to see you all next year as well.


December 28, 2008

Some changes.....

I have just bougth a new Nikon D40 digital systemcamera, have my baby with me all time so you´ll see many pictures from our trips and som eother shit stuff that have to do with MaSu. theres an private photo blog under construction, the camera works really fine i give me really nice pitures


December 27, 2008

First of ## gigs

Marry Xmas to you all btw, 
The first gig in Finland is now sealed and done

the 11 of april @ 


Rehtorinpellonkatu 4-6 B
20540 Turku

Web: s-osis.utu.fi

more info will come as soon we have it...

December 06, 2008

some offtime here....

it was some time something was updated here....
something very fun is closing ( more info, when everything is ok/official )..

it was a long time when we rehearsed, i have injured my knee and hope my knee is better very soon so we can begin to rehears again


November 12, 2008

Something happend, but what!!!!

in mid april somethings really fun happend, but what???? hmmm stay tuned you can read it here and only here!!!

Terve tolle


this baby is under construction soo far, you can see, listen and read a lot of stuff that happend to us in a near future... just checking out some settings....

take care - terve tolle

November 08, 2008

Bionic Commando theme by Machinae Supremacy

Many of you have already seen and heard about that we have made an remix of title melody for Bionic Commando.

For the rest who dosen´t.... here you go

//Take care


UppCon is Sweden’s largest convention for eastasian culture. UppCon:09 is estimated to have approx 3000 visitors and will feature a big stage with room for about 1200 persons, making large concerts possible.

See more info @


Well... lets go

Every one have a blog now, so we will not be different, you can follow us every step we take, will conf. this blog a lot so everything will be different, so plz dont yell at me if everything looks like shit....

take care for now, stay tune