April 08, 2009

On our way to Oulu

So, let's get things started with the blogging of the Winland tour '09.

We are on our way, but as usual not even close to be on time for the load-in.
Hopefully they will not hate us for it =P

Me and Jonne in one bus and the rest of the band in the Machinae tour bus.
Goddamnit, this is gonna rawk!!

We did some fine-tuning on some songs late last night and if we play the songs with as much energy live as we did in the "replokalen" we're gonna do a series of kickass gigs.
I don't think we've ever been this well prepared and if you come to one of the gigs you're gonna notice some minor changes in the way we perform. Nothing new really, but it's new to me anyways since I haven't been with MaSu to Finland before.

Stay tuned for moar win and awesome!
Imma play some Fallout 1 on teh lappy nao ;)



MaSuAnime said...

Yes the great Dezo has posted, all hail! :)

Seth Schmitz said...

Fallout 1 is such an amazing game.

Jukka said...

hahah, all hail the Fallout series! but even more than that: all hail the MaSu Winland Tour!! The gig in Jyväskylä was the best performance I can remember (and that's really saying a lot..). Hope to see you guys again soon!